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We are a thriving on-demand health information and service platform providing health advice, information and care support via a peer-to-peer model moderated by verified health practitioners.

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At Wellvis, we offer solutions that promote primary care; by improving the health of the public through continuous access to personalised health information and by providing support to our users to navigate complex health systems, coordinate treatment and encourage preventive health efforts 

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testimonial Thank you @Enniesophie for being a lifesaver yesterday night. Thank you also @WellvisHealth for your prompt responses. They were indeed very helpful & timely. Observations were same as when there was a chance to eventually visit a doctor at the hospital. Kudos & keep saving lives.
- Mojoyinife

oluchi Wellvis app is prompt and the doctors are very much available to give you a detailed consultation and advice in few minutes. Personally I always use the app and to be candid I am always in awe of their expertise and concern about us. I will always say think wellvis think double wellness..
- Oluchi

Frequently Asked Questions

  • There is something for everyone on Wellvis. Mere reading through the interactions (questions and answers) on the Wellvis platform could resolve some personal health worries you may have or put an age-long ambiguity to rest. We also have hundreds of curated health articles on different health issues accessible at a click. You can ask questions or chat with a doctor, but you will need to be registered and logged in to do these. On Wellvis you can book an appointment with a doctor for a physical examination at a location of your choice. To book an appointment
  • Open the Wellvis platform

  • Register or login (already logged in users stay logged in)

  • Select the chat option from the tabs at the bottom of the page

  • Select your preferred health professional from the providers online.

  • Select a payment option.

  • Enter your payment details.

  • Once payment is confirmed the selected doctor will be notified.

  • Your time only starts counting when the doctor accepts the chat and responds.

  • You can pay Online or purchase a voucher.
      To pay online, use Paystack (Pay directly via internet banking, USSD (GTB customers only), Mastercard or Visa)
      Pay with voucher (Pay to Wellvis bank account and get a voucher you can use to chat with doctor)

Yes, you can. When creating a thread/asking a question, you have the choice to post under your name or do so anonymously.
Wellvis has various cadres of health professionals. We have doctors, nurses, psychologists, dentists, pharmacists, physiotherapists and many more. They are all licensed by their respective boards and verified by Wellvis.
Yes, all health professionals on Wellvis are real and certified. Wellvis ensures due diligence is done before the health professionals are approved to respond to questions or offer consultation on the platform.
  • Yes, you can choose a specific doctor to chat with by following the tips below:
      On the chat page, you will see a list of doctors who are online and available to chat. You can also chat with the doctor who answered a question by clicking the doctor’s name then choosing the online tab on her profile. This takes you to the chat page to chat with that particular doctor. You can also click on a profile link shared by the doctor to chat with her directly.


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